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Blood Brothers 2 2.0.5

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By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The simplicity of this game makes it easy to play, majorly because it has been made to fit the graphical capabilities of mobile device which are usually not diverse. It is free of charge so it is just a download away from the gamers with a mobile device that is IOS or Android powered. It is a product of DeNA Corp that is a role-playing game where it has a battle set up role, those armies have to clash and the gamer has to take up a strategic approach where you have to attend to all the details of the various troops in the army who are for instance horsemen, archers and swordsmen. In the game you get the opportunity to come up with your own army that offers tweaking capabilities with a wide range of customization capacity. It offers ten chapters that are completely different hence diversity in the gaming environment. It has an online player versus player multiplayer mode that is quite enjoyable where you get to challenge other players on the online platform. Generally it is a good game that can be enjoyed by anyone.


  • It is free of charge.
  • It has a good storyline.


  • The graphics are not high end.
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There are some cliché genres that have taken over the latest mobile devices systems, especially those eternal building games. Yet even being this true, there are some new titles that dare to try making some new moves, innovating in the gaming scene. We are talking about Blood Brothers 2, a role-playing game developed by DeNa Corp. combining strategy and RPG elements, adapting them to touch-screen devices. The app is available free to download in iOS and Android systems.

The new generations have proved to be unable to rule the fate of humankind, and war seems to be inevitable

The events are placed after the first game, a complete century to be exact. The ancient menace of Galbraith is now just a legend, and his vampire armies are nothing more than a rumor buried in history. Unfortunately, the new generations have proved to be unable to rule the fate of humankind, and war seems to be inevitable. Which side will you choose in these dark days?

The game uses a beautiful graphic design, based on dark colors and cartoonish style. The artwork excels in its Japanese almost chibi sinister style, something that really makes the game different from the competitors. The in-game animations are not something noteworthy; they just fulfill its objective when it comes to the different battles.

Check the units stats
Check the units stats


Blood Brothers 2, in general terms, is based on different menus, so you won’t find any kind of adventure element; nonetheless, the strategy part excels its shadows with the warm light of its gameplay. Battles are based basically on the concept of the weaknesses and strong points of the different available troops. This way you will check personally that mounted horsemen are strong against archer units, these archers are strong against swordsmen, and these last kinds of units are strong against horsemen. As you can see, the battle system is very balanced, but we miss some more diversity concerning the variety of types of troops.

Create your own army on your own way, summoning new kinds of creatures and customizing them. This way you can evolve your commanders into their strongest form after getting their ascend status and level at their maximum rate. The customization of your troops will enhance their raw power, and with the research of new customizable technologies you can unleash their full potential like in an RPG to download.

The history of the game consists of 10 different chapters in which you will follow the storyline of Blood Brothers 2. However, one of the most notable modes is the synchronous online PVP multiplayer mode included, in which you can battle against your friends using your personal army. Use your skills and crush those who dare to face your power in this online mode.

Use the weaknesses against your enemies
Use the weaknesses against your enemies

Blood Brothers 2 2.0.5 Features

Discover the latest features available in Blood Brothers 2 for mobile devices:

  • Join the thrilling continuation of the Blood Brothers returning the peace to the land of Arnashia
  • Astonishing artwork design with original content with RPG classic elements
  • Create your deadly army of creatures and use them on the strategy bases you’ll learn
  • Customize your own troops with new technologies and additional gear to equip
  • Evolve, ascend and enhance the abilities of your army for the ultimate troops
  • Battle online against your friends in the free PVP game mode
  • Choose between fighting against your enemies to the death or use diplomacy for recruiting new troops

You can find all the details about the game visiting its

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements for the download of Blood Brothers 2:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3, iOS 7.0 or later version
  • Size: 49.3MB free space on the device