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SUPERHOT 01.08.2015




SUPERHOT: The best indie first person shooter game I ever played!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Monday, March 9, 2015

Time bending physics makes SUPERHOT stands out from the pool of first person shooter games flooded mostly with time-worn no-brainer shooting gameplays. Unlike any other FPS shooter out there, it boasts uniqueness in every pixel. Here’s my review of SUPERHOT after completing all levels of its prototype! Note that this review is entirely based on prototype which is just a beta version of the game!


• Unique physics is the soul of the game. Everything slows down when you stop moving and becomes normal when you walk or look around. It’s an untouched concept!

• Prototype graphics is very minimalistic with white and red combination. As per the info from official website, the full-blown version will boast better graphics. However, only environments will gain from this facelift and the characters will be the same. I agree with the reviewer that this graphics setting will enhance the mysterious feeling of the game.

• Each level is set in discrete worlds. This eliminates repetition due to boredom.

• Simple control scheme. Requires only WASD keys and mouse button.

• Collision effects are well handled.


• Your body isn’t visible so that evading bullets is sometimes a guess-work

• No option to display ammo counter

• Lacks background music


SUPERHOT is one of the best indie games I ever played. The prototype could give enough adrenaline rush so that we can expect something more from the full-blown version. I recommend this game to all my friends. Overall, I give this title 8.9 out of 10!


  • Unique time bending physics makes the game unique
  • Each level is set in discrete worlds
  • Very intuitive control Scheme (WASD keys + mouse)


  • The game lacks background music




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  • Awesome physics, great idea about time being a strategic thing into the game, especially when crucial moments of nearly getting shot, and trying to get to a weapon to shoot everything else

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SUPERHOT is a surreal indie first person shooter title developed originally for the 7 Day FPS challenge 2013. It’s a quintessential blend of action, puzzle and fantasy and the contemporary first person shooter recipe constituting fireballs and destruction has nothing to do with it. It boasts unique time-bending mechanic and stylized graphics, to redefine your perception of online FPS bracket.

The title outshined hundreds of world-class indie games in WGK conference, and secured Developer Showcase award. This achievement acted as a catalyst for its free internet prototype release. It gained attention in the blink of an eye and was featured on top-rated gaming websites such as RPS, GiantBomb, PCGamer, etc. The Kickstarter campaign launched on May 14th, 2014 helped the project to gain steam and produce a full-blown title out of the prototype. Is it worth spending time? Keep on reading to find out!

Focus on the game

The game takes place in a unique, time conserved macrocosm where time passes only when you proceed. Missions are set inside distinct enclosed segments of it such as rooms, hallways or even a railway coaches. Boxy protrusions are provided throughout, for the purpose of low-lying. Effective utilization of surroundings is a must to outmanoeuvre your enemies.

Unique graphics and physics are the two pillars on which the game is raised and there’s no storyline to drive it. Objectives are limited to the assassination of you foes and the game progresses in an unfocussed manner. Developer could cleverly conceal this fact from the player by creating very detailed surroundings and leaving characters as tessellated figures. Detailed object to object interactions, especially explosions powered by slo-mo mode contribute a kind of 3d movie like depth to the visuals. This takes the mysterious feeling of the game up a notch without giving up its dynamic feeling.

Simple mechanics used in this game are not at all based on reflexes. Everything around you including bullets slows down when you saunter and streak when you stride. Your mission is to shoot down all your enemies without getting shot. Watch out for the bullets approaching you in slow motion with red trails without getting shot from the guy behind you. Unclear ‘hit box’ due to your lack of visible body parts makes bullet dodging a hard nut to crack. However, it is more interesting than brainless firing!

As per the online beta version, SUPERHOT doesn’t offer a wide range of ammunition to choose. You’ll have to snatch the gun from enemy unless you have one. Onscreen ammo counter is not provided so that you’ll have to think twice before each fire. Controls are limited to WASD buttons, spacebar and mouse button so that you won’t take a while to get used to it!

Detailed object to object interactions, especially explosions powered by slo-mo mode contribute a kind of 3d movie like depth to the visuals. This takes the mysterious feeling of the game up a notch without giving up its dynamic feeling.

SUPERHOT 01.08.2015 Features

Explore the outstanding features of SUPERHOT:

  • Each level is a combination of puzzle and action
  • Addicting online multiplayer game mode
  • Game progresses in a time conserved environment, where time passes only when you move
  • Stylized graphics contribute a kind of mysterious feel
  • Detailed particle effects and bullet trails contribute 3D like depth to the visuals
  • Unclear ‘hit box’ makes the game more challenging
  • Intuitive control scheme – four keyboard buttons (WASD) and mouse button
  • Absence of storyline doesn’t affect the dynamic feeling of the game
  • Firing is a kind of brainwork as onscreen ammo counter is not provided
  • Alpha version supports Oculus Rift
  • Alpha version boasts tremendous facelift compared to the free prototype

For more information about this download, visit developer’s website: Click Here Here

System Requirements:

Before clicking the download button, make sure that your device can run it!

  • Processor: 1GHz
  • Operating system: Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Processor: 1GHz
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or higher

Note: You should download unity web player for testing its free prototype on browser. Even though prototype gives a basic outline about the game, actual game is very different from it!

Tail Piece

SUPERHOT is a perfect blend of action and puzzle, without compromising the fun of first person shooter gameplay. Awe-inspiring minimalism resulting from the clever use of stark colours and the brain tweezing slow-mo game physics make it stand out from the crowd. Once you play it, you’ll definitely get addicted to it!