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If you like RPGs trecera person do not hesitate, grab it

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, June 12, 2015

We are controlling a hero in what appears to be the introduction to his final battle. Come up with a number of companions who will help us to destroy the enemies and battling just a fantastic chimera, half goat half snake and lion's tail. We were recalling one of the last great battles remembered by the people. These images give way to a darkening sky and a red dragon appears. And suddenly, the creation of our own character, as if time had broken and advanced sharply. What a small letter leads into who you really will control throughout the adventure.

We are in a small village, Cassardis, the coast, where the buzz of the people is increasing. It has become the dreaded dragon lurks cyclically recreated land in Dragon's Dogma and is looking for people to enlist in the army to turn against it. There we walked on stage, so quiet on the beach. All of a sudden, the huge red dragon appears and begins to wreak havoc. Brave we decided to fight it, but the battle is extremely uneven. After stab the sword in one leg, dragon act strange words and we extract, a small stroke, heart. Instead of dying, we survived against all odds with a scar on his chest. "If you want to arm yourself against me well, new Arisen". This listen. Here begins our adventure, trying to understand what happened to the dragon and go for him to recover what belongs to us ... and annihilate. Although we see that it goes beyond the dragon.


  • Huge world extension, secrets and missions
  • The combat system and all its possibilities and combinations


  • Characters, both primary and secondary, without soul or empathy possible




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I'm gonna explore this awsome world in anyway possible and i have always wanted to play this game cause it's amazing is that good enough for yeh

  • I don't know. To play the game lol. I guess I'll just keep writing continuously. You are obviously making me do this so you can prove that I am not a bot.

What similar programs have you used?
  • uncharted water online league of legends company of heroes 2 pillars of eternity divinity original sin celestian tales of north hero of storms

What do you like most about this program?
  • Dunno, haven't used it yet since you're making me type this first. Quite rude, I believe, as you mention nothing of this until we click the button.


It may seem like just another MMORPG clone, but this game is way deeper and more cooperative than any other available to date. Dragon's Dogma Online is the approach of Capcom to the online mode RPG genre, using the popularity of the Dragon’s Dogma franchise among the gamers for offering a vast universe with known and exclusive content. Produced by Minae Matsukawa, executively produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi and directed by Kent Kinoshita, this Capcom title takes the franchise to the next level. This game is expected to be free to download for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Windows systems.

Fighting against dragons, chimeras and hydras will require more than just might, so use your team wisely and be ready to deal combined attacks for greater attacks

The game will place the player as an Awakened in the land of Lestaria, a new mythical region in which adventures won’t end without difficult challenges. Setting your party, Dragon's Dogma Online will put your strategy skills to the test when action calls. Fighting against dragons, chimeras and hydras will require more than just might, so use your team wisely and be ready to deal combined attacks for greater attacks. Enjoy the continuation of Dragon’s Dogma Arisen pushed to a new online frontier with more customizable representative elements. The objective is to create an addictive F2P with some purchasable items, without turning the game into a P2W (pay to win) downloadable title.

The technical aspect shows a game very similar to what we saw in previous Dragon’s Dogma editions, with a polished design and great graphics suitable for the next generation systems. Due to the platforms in which it is designed, the differences between systems are evident. The aspect looks great by all means, focusing on running smoothly for its online features, looking similar to the previous tandem games.

Come with the greatest warriors
Come with the greatest warriors


Dragon's Dogma Online features an open-world, so the exploration part will be a complete challenge, with new regions and secrets to discover. Since it is mainly an online mode role-playing game, you will need to have a clue about the general gameplay. In this sense, this new Dragon’s Dogma installment follows the same mechanics as other MMORPG with action battles in which you need to use your strengths while your partners cover your weak points.

The party in which you will take part is a four-player team, which will be composed by real gamers or AI-controlled NPCS pawns, depending on the current availability of the server. Co-op strategies and combinations will be faster and more intuitive playing alongside people since there are some communicating tools included. The chat room, available in towns and battles, allows you to chat actively with up to 100 different players.

The game proposes different character classes for this online action-RPG, so you are able to create different kinds of formations using compatible skills, depending on your playing style. There are different kinds of jobs or classes available in the game, including Hunter, Fighter, Shield Sage and Priest, each one with different skills depending on their stats. Fighter will be the job for close-quarters combats while Hunter will use long ranged weapons. Priest uses magic as the main source of damage and Shield Sage acts as a tank for taking heavy damage without fainting.

Fight until the end!
Fight until the end!

Dragon's Dogma Online Full Version Features

Check the features for Dragon’s Dogma Online before the download:

  • Discover the open-world region of Lestaria with its own mythological monsters
  • Explore the surroundings of the environments combining new expanded abilities and classic adventuring missions
  • Action-RPG strategy mode gameplay with co-op elements for taking down even the most challenging targets
  • Detailed graphical aspect with astonishing HD visuals
  • Included crafting mechanics for improving your equipment with premium materials for new weapons and armors
  • Cross-platform multiplayer game available for PC, PS3, and PS4
  • Classic jobs for creating your four-player co-op party against the most lethal creatures
  • Advanced in-game customization for your playable character
  • Free-to-play without a monthly fee and item-based microtransactions for purchasing equipment right away
  • Game lobby support for up to 100 different players at the same time

Get more information about the game and related titles by clicking on the following developers’ site.

System Requirements

These are the requirements for running Dragon's Dogma Online in PC:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit version or later
  • Processor: Multi-core Intel i5 or better
  • Video Cards: AMD Radeon HD 7650, NVidia GeForce GTX 660 or better
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Size: 20GB free space